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Friday, 24 May 2013

24th of May (144th Song)

Solo Solete

Hey, Drum solo, I was in withdrawal from drums and I wanted to play them, and I'm in the improvisation mood lately and I did an improvisation, previous warm up. 

Thoughts: I'm feeling better lately improvising, a lot of my ideas come to my performance very naturally and when I have a mistake and the energy of the solo changes I change with it too easily and adapt to it. I had some highlights hear of stuff that I had never played before and sounded cool, a 7/8 with double bass where the first hit of each bar is played with a different foot, but I wasn't thinking in the way to play, just hearing how it sounded and it just came! Then you can hear how can I play something very bad and then I change the whole thing quite smoothly.
I used my electric kit with the module sounds, and they suck, I already knew it but everyday that my ear is better the fact is more annoying. I haven't fixed yet the drums plugins, so I can't play with good sounds, and the stereo cable that I use for plug it to the interface started to make noise, something is moving inside, a bad connection and you can listen some annoying clipping in the recording. But, god, what a pleasure to play the drums.

Enjoy it! 

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