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Saturday, 25 May 2013

25th of May (145th Song)

Aktor & Reaktor

I need to be honest with you, today is 31st and I made this song today, I just couldn't do the song on time and I spent all my time making my architect music next days. Now finally I found time to make it. Not to much I'll say. But I got Reaktor at last and I wanted to make an approach. 

Thoughts: What I did today is really crap, I recorded with some iPhone apps, as usual most of them are very inaccurate, and the most accurate ones always are very bad sounding. I realized that I'm gonna start to remove those apps that are useless or that I think they are not good enough from my iPhone. Starting from... not tomorrow because I have double shift and I'm not gonna be able to record nothing with any of them but the day after. Reaktor is like a wonderful world in front of my eyes that I can't understand but amazes me. I'm gonna work really hard in this one, all those mathematics involved are hypnotic. Creating my own cool effects is my next goal.  I used The Finger, at last I found it, I didn't know very well how to use the browser. The mouth again, I used before, I think it was in February. And another one, I don't remember the name, sorry. But working on it I'll give you all the information that I can get, I think I'm gonna be good with this one.

Enjoy it!

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