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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

28th of May (148th Song)

Council Sunset

I'm still in my way to get a good song for the architecture project that I'm preparing with Archframe. The next video is about the Council of Seoul and I'm still getting into this music that he sent to me accompanying smooth takes of gorgeous buildings. I wanted to try today something more rocky and less electronic and mixolydian scale as it always sounds positing and a bit hippie for me.

Thoughts: Was cool to record a song playing drums, bass, guitar and keyboards, I didn't do for a long time and I love it. I think that it doesn't work very well for the video and Efrain thinks so, but I like the vibe and even being repetitive it's not very boring as it use to happen when I repeat my phrases, I think is a good balance between the instruments coming one by one and the tense violins underneath trilling that makes it sound as it's always growing up. Still has to do more stuff to get what I need. It'd have to be more electronic definitely.

Enjoy it!

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