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Monday, 27 May 2013

27th of May (147th Song)

Approaching The Happines

Still working on my architecture song, I gotta submit soon and I'm trying a lot of things related with what I'll finally do, the most important is optimism and happines. I'm not getting them yet but on the path.
Thoughts: I'm very bad in electronic music, I spend a lot of time and never find the sounds that I'm looking for, or the effects that I'm thinking about. They are a lot of cool sound that make the 50% of the song, that's cool because you get inspired easily, but once you've chosen a path you need to polish it and it's when feels obvious that you don't have idea of production and don't have a clue of how to get what your looking for. It's frustrant, the raising bass line in the middle should be explosive at the end, and don't know how! The rhythm should sound more eclectic, and small. the chords should be less simple. And I can't find the happiness! Where is that feeling hiding in the music? I really need to work more in sound designing. Let's keep going.

I didn't work the structure very well too. At the beginning it gets boring so many repetitions with no changes.

Enjoy it!

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