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Friday, 3 May 2013

3rd of May (123th Song)

Bienvenido Negrito

My brother lent me his Macbook for FORTUNA Quest, such an amazing favor! Thanx bro, now I'm gonna clean it up, format it and starting to install things. It already has installed Logic that is what I used today to record but I like to start things from zero when they are new. But for the moment I wanted to celebrate its arrival making a song with it.

Thoughts: It was weird to use Logic, I had used it before and learned how to use it so I could do some stuff, but I don't really remember anything about it, so my goal has been been able to record in different tracks and mix the pans and volumes, just that. Soon I'll start to use effects and discover more advanced techniques. The good thing is that so many people uses it and there's loads of tutorials of it and most of production courses have an explanation of the techniques with Logic. It wasn't easy to use it but I could cope with it. It seems like it sounds different than when I recorded with Nuendo, like smoother. Not sure, but that's my impression. I enjoyed it and I'm very happy that I have a computer only for recordings. My PC was starting to clash with all the stuff that I was using at the same time. 

Enjoy it!

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