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Thursday, 2 May 2013

2nd of May (122nd Song)

Myernark Presents... May

I asked Myernark guys to record the gig from their pockets with their phones as in the last gig it was obvious that in the pocket was better than just inhibited. At last I got the audio files of all the recordings for this gig, and I want to say the the winner was the Rion's iPhone 4. The participants were Michael with his iPhone 4 too and me with my iPhone 5. I think he is in the best spot to record music, my phone is better of course, no doubt.
Thoughts:  Yes, this guy probably got the sweetest spot between us, the guitar sounds very loud obviously but the balance is very good, Michael's balance was better but the cymbals cracks the sound so much on its recording, in mine the rhythm section sounds extraordinary but you couldn't listen to the voice or guitar. Nice experiment, next one probably will be to try different covers to filter the sound, or different apps? Let's see.

Enjoy it!

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