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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

1st of May (121st Song)

Mojito In D-Club

Today I had double shift, and what does happen when I have a double shift? iPhone time!!! I wanted to do a complex drum loop, full of tracks and elements. It has 13 drums tracks and just 3 of the other elements.

Thoughts: Lately I feel like with a lot of energy and at mid day I feel like my songs are faster, they told me once that the inner rhythm is related with the heart bit rate and I start to think that it's true, my songs and my mood are more synchronized than ever. I also feel like I can see more the big picture when I write my songs. I wrote this drums and I kind of made a first mix and then I changed the perspective of hearing and I tried to feel the feeling that the song expressed for me and I realized how bad were my mix and I changed a lot of elements. It's weird to explain, and more in English but basically I mean that I'm not trying to make every element sound perfect but in the correct position of the space of the song, also it worked for the chords and the melodies that sounded very good by their own but, if you listened longer fragments of the song, didn't work. 
I also feel a great improvement with panning, I feel massive differences when I move the knob a bit.

Enjoy it!

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