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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

30th of April (120th Song)

Silent Trance

I had to record a song with my pedal board that I just got yesterday, trying some default presets, and improvising, celebrating that I started this two courses about guitar and improvisation. So I played guitar and totally improvised all the tracks.

Thoughts: At last this bloody month has ended. So bad, everything was bad, my mood, the songs, all the changes, the new house, my laptop. I couldn't almost focus on this. But now it seems to be better, I got new equipment, I'm gonna start using Mac, I'm working a little less at the restaurant. So I'm optimistic about this.
I really love my new stuff, it like getting rebirth. The song is totally improvised and some things created magic and some things sucks, but I'm feelling like I'm already improvising better, and sounding more like I really want. With slow notes is easier though.

Enjoy it!

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