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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

7th of May (127th Song)

Zelda's Hopeness

 I had a double shift yesterday and I made a song with iPhone as usual. It's dedicated to Zelda which is the best video game saga ever. 

Thoughts: I'm starting to think that Koji Kondo, who is the composer of Zelda's music had an iPhone, because the sounds are exactly the same, hahaha, just joking, but are so common these sounds? Everything started because the that I chose was so Zelda that I had to make a whole song of it. Thinking about how would sound a song in the game I started to do it, maybe it's a copy, I don't really know I had that game in my veins. I made a second part with a different melody that could sound less Zelda being very similar, I think I got Koji's soul. And like in the game I looped it and faded it out when you change the scenario. Cool.
That tattoo is mine BTW.

Enjoy it!

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