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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

8th of May (128th Song)

Introduction To Improvisation (Assessment 1)

I'm doing this course in Coursera (my favourite web page ever) and it's going good, you must do assessments every week and this week it's about improvising along to a jazz song. This is my embarrassing assessment.

Thoughts: This was sooooo difficult, I've never tried to improvise over a song that is changing the scales constantly, and if I looked at the chart is even worse. I'm able to figure out all the scales but it'd take too much time for me right now to translate to guitar on the way. So I just listened to the music and tried to find the notes that my mind was creating, more about intervals than the right notes on a scale. I recorded a lot of takes and this one is the best that I got, imagine how bad were the others. I got some of the phrases that I wanted but always hit the notes very late or I have to bend up or down to get the note, and it's always too late. Sound horrible, but it's such a challenge, I love it, I'm gonna study a lot of it, it's a new way to listen to the music and be part of it. Ready to give the next step to the musicianship.

Enjoy it!

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