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Saturday, 1 June 2013

1st of June (152nd Song)

Double shift equals iPhone Music but this time I got more options, Musyc app has been a good discovery and I'm gonna make some designs with from now. The way to share them to you is by soundcloud, it's an option available from the app. I have more options, like send by email but the files are to big and I can't send them, or copy the audio file in order to paste in another app. I'll try that soon. 
Thoughts: It's difficult to imagine a design that works with music well on this app so I must be very creative. This design was about making 5 walls where the different elements hit bigger to smaller from up to down, then I removed layers up to down to make them getting disappeared step by step. Not very good design but the idea could develop in a better way.  

Enjoy it!

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