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Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Best of May 2013

Good changes have taken place this month: The arrival of the new Mac, Logic, Komplete 8 complete!!!, my guitar pedal board, my commitment to get a job related with music... All of them are good but you have to warm them up, I had in front of my eyes a huge ice-block and I've been melting it all this time. The Mac has the Snow Leopard OS, Komplete fully installed, Logic 9 fully installed too, a new hard-drive working to store some plugins. The Mac is not working very good, it's too old and it needs to be exchanged, but I'm training with it in order to be good fitted when the new computer arrives. I've been making some researches, sending CVs, signing up in several webs, making cover letters, improving my CV, getting interviewed too. I hate this part but I guess it's necessary if you wanna work. I'm in so many courses at the same time that it's being crazy, I just finished properly one of them, and watching videos clips time to time from the other, very interesting stuff though. Also watching tutorials, interviews, listening podcasts of great engineers and mixers. I discovered Andy Wallace, well, he is a legend but I didn't know about him and I'm listening to his full discography which is overwhelming. So many legendary albums that he worked in! I'm changing the look of my blog too, learning some stuff about design, very few, but I'm often making any change, my goal is to have a great blog where the people gather to discuss, not only my music but everything about music, sound, etc. I'm also trying to get patrons that support this at and now I have to improve the content of all my pages. Stressing stuff, but very fun at the end.

The winner song of this month is Campeones. A lot of people told me how funny it was, it's not mine of course, but it's a song that in Spain all the people on my age know, and this version recall them a lot of memories. As you can see the songs are very different this month, and it feel obvious the change of equipment. Now I'm looking forward to buy some more cables, to record with 2 mics at the same time, or use my pedalboard (I only have one jack now and I can't use it), stands for my speakers, and a MacBook Pro. 

This month has been crazy but I bunch of good songs, and I've been very happy. Now I quit my job and let's see how everything's going. 

Enjoy it!

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