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Monday, 3 June 2013

3rd of June (154th Song)

It's again a double shift day, that means that my mind is busy thinking in mackerels, aubergines and momos rather than groove, feelings and melodies. But anyway I got to the park to inhale some fresh air and try to focus in this. I used Musyc again, I thought I had still something cool to say with it.

Thoughts: I was trying some stuff with Musyc, I discover that no matter the height of the elements hit something the sound doesn't change but are a reference for the height from you drop the elements, and the little squares horizontally represent notes from left to right getting higher, and the bold squares are the same, so when a new  square begins the sequence starts again, knowing this I could figure out some stuff, and I designed a scenario where a sequence is synchronized with the snare drum and then a bass line that I would move left to right exclusively and that is gonna make the harmony changes. It was difficult to control the bass sometimes because when you change the position the inerce make the elements drop inconsistently and the rhythm and the notes can not sound in place. Anyway, it was a good exercise to learn more about it and how to create architectures that will make songs. Very interesting this app, you should try it, I only found this video of it and I already learn new techniques. Cool.


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