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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

4th of June (155th Song)

Today Juanes came to my home with his guitar, a magnificent Telecaster, he never hesitate when I purpose him to make music. We decided to form a FORTUNA Quest sponsored band called "El Ayuntamiento de Seul" which means "The Seoul Council". We recorded some improvised songs, swapped instruments and tried different vibes. I deleted most of the material but, don't worry, I got a song and we are definitely recording more soon. 

Thoughts: I like to record with Juanes, he has this magnetic soul that makes you play in a different way, enjoying more the energy than the melodies, it's easy to get in trance and just have fun not being worried of playing a wrong note. His guitar sounds clearly better and warmer than mine, even with his ultra-old  strings, and I'm very very happy with the Komplete 8 software, it's working incredibly well in the Mac. I used guitar rig for guitars and the drums were played through Abbey Road 80's Drums which I must say that I love the sound, but I can't or I don't know how to use insertions or EQs on each element. Anyway, I got a lot of time to work on the sound, try so many different Amps, cabinets, effects, EQs, reverb, compression, noise gate, panning and volume, and I'm very happy with the result, I'm learning a lot with the last course that I joined to. Next time I'll try to master the track too, which I have no idea of how to do it well.

Enjoy it!

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