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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

5th of June (156th Song)

Today I just discovered to Andy Wallace, this monster mixer which has mixed so many great albums that it got me overwhelmed, most of them got fame to the artists which were humble although also cool. My brother called him the King Midas of the mixing and he's write, they should call him like that. He mixed Reign in Blood by Slayer, Nevermind by Nirvana, Hybrid Theory and Meteora by Linkin Park, Raisin to Hell by Run DMC, Relationship of Command by At the drive in, Toxiticy by System of a Down, etc, etc, etc. I started to listen his whole discography, I did listen to The Cult's Electric, Slayer's Reign in Blood and Run DMC's Raisin Hell which I never gave it an opportunity of listening completely and I have to say that I liked them, specially all that rock blended with hip hop, the old style DJ scratching with imperfections, all those classics that I didn't know that they owned... Great listening. In Spotify at the end it was this a capella version of My Adidas, and I saw the light, I would make the music for them.

Thoughts: The obvious choice was to record drums, and so did I. I now feel a bit regretful because I could have made a better song, full of arrangements, but when I was mixing it I was liking what I got, I used the Cavern Drums on Logic, just kind of work, to much reverb that I wasn't be able to remove. And just another session of trying to mix as best as possible, I tried so many things with EQ and I discovered the analyzer, I don't know yet how a wave should look like but I felt it was very useful to visualize what I was listening and seeing and listening to the changes. This guys rule. Great song.

Enjoy it!

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