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Thursday, 6 June 2013

6th of June (157th Song)

Today it was assessment time, I missed my improvisation deadline of the last week which sucks so much but I could, but I took advantage and I did the last assessment of the course. I don't know if I'm gonna be qualified though since I missed one week. Whatever, I recorded a blues solo for the assessment and tried to make it sound sonically the best as possible. 

Thoughts: I've learned a lot with this course but my lack of time hasn't let me to be very focus on it, and it's a long term course, you need to invest a lot of time learning this staff. And it's incredibly interesting, I'll work on that for years. As the course ended in a level unable for me to reach yet, I just played the song trusting in my ear, playing it dozens of times until my fingers learned where to play and when, I basically used a pentatonic scale, but there were some chromatic notes that amazed me and I wanted to use to make the experience more interesting. I didn't follow the leads that I was supposed to but I'm happy with the improvisation. My ear is in a good shape, now I'm gonna learn to analyze what my ear try to tell me and therefore feed my knowledge.

Enjoy it!

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