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Friday, 7 June 2013

7th of June (158th Song)

Yesterday I went to Stonehenge to visit the stones. It was a great experience and we have the chance to visit other stones that are spread all over the are, there were more circles and lines. I stopped with my friends and walked over a stones field and there with my guitar some ideas came to me. When I arrived home I wanted to record them.

Thoughts: When I got this riff the idea was something darker and more enigmatic, but it have passed one day and the idea has changed totally, and it has become a ska dance song. Here's a video of the moment when I got inspired.

I recorded with Abbey Studio 80s drums plugin, I like the sound but I don't know how to isolate the different elements, treat them and also remove the reverb by default. I was spending a lot of time training my ear with different frequencies on the EQ and I tried some reverbs, I like the sound slightly the balance that I got, and I'm proud of my work with the EQ, I've learned a lot. The bass is recorded with the guitar as well and with no amp and so is the ska guitar. I don't like that I just repeat the same phrase over and over and over, I just realized now.

Enjoy it!

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