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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

10th of July - Welcome SM57 (191st Song)

When I came back from Spain recently I brought some stuff: the flute that I used at yesterday's song, a MIDI controller keyboard, which is the best thing that I could have brought, a stool that I use everyday to play drums, and my Sure SM57. Getting use to use my Rodes NT1 and the Sure SM58 I wanted to try was my new mic was able to do.

Thoughts: It was just a tasting I just wanted to know how simple stuff sounded, the most basic thing that I thought was to make percussive sounds (I don't know why the hell I didn't try some voices, the differences with my other mics would have been more obvious). The first ones where sounds made tapping, hitting, scratching and on the mic directly, and then some vocal sounds. It's just a loop with a slight variation at the end, and then I tried to work on the sound 'in-the-box' that is my new obsession now. I didn't get very good sound but I don't know really if those horrible sounds can been converted in something cool, I'll keep working in that.

Enjoy it!

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