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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

9th of July - Hindi Limmerick (190th Song)

I brought my plastic flute from Spain, I was very excited of being able to use it. But, you know? I want to do new stuff all the time, so I practiced some new techniques and trying to find something that it's not very usual. What I did reminds me this hindi snake-charmers. 

Thoughts: When I was practicing with the flute, hence annoying my neighbors and flat mates, I was finding very interesting timbres, notes between the semitones and techniques that got interesting sounds. I played the flute at school when I was a kid but the notes that I knew were Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Sib Si Do and Re. I got almost all the chromatic notes now and some kind of quarter-tones. How to play one octave above and some notes 2 octaves above. 

I had some useful material so I went to the drum kit, searched for an indian kit and practiced with it how to sound relatively ethnic. Very interesting stuff, cause I was playing with sounds that I hadn't ever tried, and my own taste were in charge of make it sound. Because I was running out of time I decided to improvise everything, so with the drums I wanted 4 in the beat that made everything easier to fit together. And then the same with the flute. I think I get some good vibes here, because the lack of knowing how to play I did some unwanted stuff, but in general it's quite authentic (and annoying), but it was a lot of fun and I feel like I could play like that during days, it feels good.

Enjoy it!

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