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Monday, 8 July 2013

8th of July - Ninja Blues? (189th Song)

Another session with NinjaJamm, same song but I choose the blues mouth-organ to get focus with. A lot of techno stuff crossing the way and a slight balkan vibe to color this palette of sounds. 

Thoughts: The only problem that I have with NinjaJamm is that when I play a song I use almost all the sounds, otherwise is boring and you I'm not creating anything, and then when you start another session you don't want to use them again because it will sound like the session before. As well the harmony will be the same. I would change the speed to feel like it's another song and try to pick those sounds that I haven't use before, and focus on that, then maybe check if there's a bass line with a different harmony or feeling, and then play maybe more with effects on other chunky elements that I don't use to use that much in the first session. This was a funny one, some thinks didn't feet very good as I'm playing around the less common sounds and the clash a little bit with the main ones but if you play them the other way around where you focus on the normal ones they are gonna fit perfectly. At the end I had the perfect ending I just had to fade out and finish but I pressed the raising volume bottom and I screwed it up, so annoying! I could turn the volume down finally but in a grumpy mood.

Enjoy it!

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