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Sunday, 7 July 2013

7th of July - Romanian Ninja (188th Song)

A new update in NinjaJamm was ready and I couldn't resist to make straight two songs with it, I don't know if I told you before but this is the most fun app for iPhone that I have ever tried. New song available is a balkan music one.

Thoughts: Again this app made my day, it's so easy to use and it always sounds so cool. You just need to have a little bit of taste and maybe practice a little bit to some stuff, but not much more. You just press bottoms in the exact place that you need a little change and it will probably sound cool. I recommend this app for everyone that want to enjoy DJing.At the end I didn't finish the song very cool, that's one of the points I would have to practice.

Enjoy it!

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