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Saturday, 13 July 2013

12th of July - Future Fright (193rd Song)

I admire a lot the guys who make films music, I did my own attempt of a movie with a bleak mood, kind of the world after being attacked by aliens. 

Thoughts: Trying to figure out a score it's a tedious work, and it's something that should last some days, too much things to think about. I wander how long does it take for John Williams to compose 2 minutes of a piece, with all those instruments working perfectly together. Probably he knows exactly what he wants and find it easily as he masters the music, but I really think that it's equally tedious. 

I feel my piece is very dry and empty, there's good ideas implicit but a lot more to polish. More instruments should be involved, some percussion in some points, etc. but I realized of those things after having a breath and listen to it with fresh ears, I can't realize and feel the music that well when I'm digging inside them. Probably trying it more I'll know how this works and how to deal with it better. The harp is very high, with my headphones will mixing didn't seem like that, but it's ok, Ihave to train my ears too and I'm on the way.

Enjoy it!

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