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Saturday, 13 July 2013

13th of July - Posh Bozzio (194th Song)

Today I was feeling like playing drums and improvise some stuff, but with a sound that differs a little bit from the classic drumming, precisely playing with 'classical music instruments'. What it seems to be a classical piece turns to funky and then... Well you'll hear...

Thoughts: I don't feel like I've learn a lot today, just a simple improvisation session, I payed a lot of attention of what I was thinking and trying to reproduce it accurately. Nice performance. I really like the sounds and how they are recorded like if you are in a concert hall.

The title comes because the style of drumming reminds me Terry Bozzio and because is classical I put the posh before, and what's the equivalent a Terry Bozzio but more posh? His sister Dale Bozzio. Great singer, I love her in Missing Persons

Enjoy it!

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