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Sunday, 14 July 2013

14th of July - PA! Lento (195th Song)

Session with Juanes. So you know what kind of music you are in front of, creative, acid, free, with a croccanti touch. Be ready to blow your mind with this, but... wait!... He's playing the drum and I'm playing guitar. WTF??? That is sicker that I seemed. 

Thoughts: I'm wandering if inviting Juanes to record with me is a good idea or not, why? Because my brain changes completely. On one side it's good to see what other artists have in mind from first hand, but on the other I'm playing the opposite as I would normally. Would it be better to know myself? That one should be answer. Anyway, super fun!!! This guy is a master in making me laugh through the music, and he is able to get some new energy from my body that I normally don't use. 

Unfortunatelly, I erased accidentally the guitar sounds, and because the drums are MIDI and my Superior Drummer crashed I had to send the MIDI information to another instrument. It's almost the same but in the moment the sound made us play what we played, and now I had a new drum track and I had to record a new guitar not remembering what I was recorded already. I wanted to use some cool effects on the guitar making the song more interplanetary. 

Enjoy it!

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