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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

17th of July - Ableton Vive (198th Song)

I'm trying to use Ableton Live, this software that everyone is talking about and is good for live music and djs. It's new for me so I'm a rookie and it's not easy to use at all, I just had time for apparently basic stuff that for my was like building a cathedral. 

Thoughts: Uffff, I felt a bit stupid using this, new concepts everywhere, thanx god that Mata showed me a little bit of how to use it for my song Matikun at 4th of February, do you remember it? Well, now I had to deal with clips and triggering loops, very confusing at the beginning, I didn't even watched a single tutorial because I wanted to know how it would come. So I did this that is better that I thought I could do honestly, very messy but the day has been very productive, now I know what I want to check in internet to improve it, just the first steps, I guess it's very difficult to master it.

Enjoy it!

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