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Thursday, 18 July 2013

18th of July - WhatDaBomFunk (199th Song)

They left me alone in the studio and I could try good stuff, these days I was listening to BomFunk MCs and it's very fun music, I wanted to do something like that, this music brings me to music summer festivals. Because I'm a horrible rapper as you listened in "Soy Un Toyaco" and I wanted to do it in english, I had to invent the words in my own invented language. 

Thoughts: Again I got the chance to try things in the studio such as delays, EQ and on, and it's great to do it within the studio, good speakers and good acoustics. I used Ultrabeat and without touching any knob I just figured out a good beat that could carry the energy that I was looking for. You maybe know that in Ultrabeat, when you play higher notes, the samples start to be weird bass notes and then higher and higher you just change the pitch of those notes, so I used them too to make the beat.

I wanted to simulate that the song was played in a tent in a summer festival so I was trying some delays and reverbs until I found one of each one that I could send later to every track. At the end it doesn't sound so powerful as I previewed the sounds are very soft, I needed something more harcore, distorted even. At the end some takes of good fun just rapping without saying anything, I got very in to it, I should have recorded myself in video, I would have seen myself being so silly.

Enjoy it!

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