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Friday, 19 July 2013

19th of July - You Are My Hero (200th Song)

Have you seen Un Príncipe Para Corina? It's a spanish TV show, probably the best ever. Hilarious. There's this guy there that reminds me a little bit myself. Shy and clumsy but intelligent and wanted to do it better and desire to excel. I made this song dedicated to him. I have to say that this is my favourite song and my best mix.

Thoughts: I felt really inspired today, everything was flowing in my mind, and I had from the beginning of the day an idea of I wanted. I came with this song at the beginning because I was listening to J. Viewz's Holding a Map and the vibe of the drums reminded me so much of Tears For Fears' Everyboy Want to Rule the World. I started making that cool beat that gets me crazy. Then I took the bass and I came with this riff, based as well in the vibe of the song but an harmony that I was feeling in that moment. Then guitars, and then the voice. Seems that it wasn't difficult to make it but it wasn't, everything was happening naturally.

The mix was very cool, I spent so many time but very focus and knowing what to do in every moment, firstly cleaning the tracks, then inserting amps for bass and guitars, then balancing the levels, then EQing and sending effects. I tried some compressors as well and listening to them in a different way, Jaycen Joshua in a Pensando's Place episode was talking about how the compressor were EQ, not only signal level control, that changed me completely and know I have a new ear to work with. Very proud of this mix, I see that is not very good, I'm still a rookie, but it's quite nice and my best by far.

Enjoy it!

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