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Saturday, 20 July 2013

20th of July - Mr. Control-it-all (201st Song)

I was watching a tutorial of how to use Ableton Live and they just told me how to assign parameters to the different knobs and faders of my midi controller. I had to try that! 

Thoughts: I knew that there was a way to assign this parameters, but I really didn't imagine at all that it was so easy, you just press the midi bottom in Live and then the parameter that you wanna assign on the controller, now you just move any know and the parameter will be assigned there. Now I wonder  if it's so easy in other DAWs. What I did was randomly choose some parameters and change them indiscriminately; some volumes, pans and filters. This is very useful to make music on the way. I just made a song with some layers, very repetitive, as the djs do, and I tried to dj it. Remember that is the first time that I do it, so forgive me for doing it so bad. Was a good fun though, I understand everything better now and I have some ideas for future sessions. I hope I'll do less messy next time. 

Enjoy it!!

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