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Sunday, 21 July 2013

21st of July - Torre de Trufa (202nd Song)

Guess what, Juanes was here. Ok, you'll notice immediately, I know, but I want your brain to absorb that name that is my best and most usual feature in FORTUNA Quest. He blows me my mind all the time with his ideas that are, as I said before, totally opposite to me. He's playing drums and I'm following him on the guitar. 

Thoughts: I choose for him an asian drum kit bank and I got inspired. A lot of improvisation as always that I record with him, I wanted something kind of asian so I played major pentatonic, and move around it, allowing myself to play out of the scale time to time adding drama to the song as if it were a Kabuki play. I think besides the madness and the lack of mastering of these instruments we are spiritually synchronized. I can feel our energies struggling to say something together. 

Enjoy it!

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