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Monday, 22 July 2013

22nd of July - Killjoy Vacuum Cleaner (203rd Song)

What does happen when the vacuum cleaner is not letting you enjoy your music? That's what I express in this piece. A gorgeus piece of music is interrupted gradually as your mother is vacuum the other rooms at home and you can hear that she's approaching. The tragedy is imminent. 

Thoughts: My idea was to play a kind of piano piece as I had ever played before, but my girlfriend got in to my room with the vacuum cleaner when I was just trying some different equalizations and I had to stop doing that momentarily and go to the composition to retake the eq later. Then I had the idea and told her to keep the vacuum on so I could record the noise. I used my SM57 and my SM58 to hear the difference, the 58 captured more signal and more low frequencies, and the 57 more mid frequencies. Then the idea was to create the sensation of the vacuum sound eating the song and I faded in the vacuum and faded out the song. Sounds like I did, and I it's so obvious that I'm fading out the song, which is not good, I have to work on that, I need to make it feel real, like if really you were hearing music and a vacuum cleaner arrives to bother you. That's the point of the art, to create sensations as good as possible.

Enjoy it!

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