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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

23rd of July - Funky Session (204th Song)

I'm doing some progress with Ableton Live and it's the first time that I use it in session mode, so I decided to play something easy to stack and that is not techno because I'm really sick of it. The way to do it was recording some small clips that worked with the other clips and then I could combine them randomly. 

Thoughts: At last I'm seeing the difference between any of the other DAWs that I've been using until now (Sonar, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Audacity, ...) and Live. It's clearly designed to play in live, in real time. I get all the success that it has now. Once you know some basic skills, it's very easy to do a lot of things such as creating loops, adding effects, make everything sound in time, trigger clips, etc. 
I'm still struggling to get good sounds, and even more with live because I haven't used many of the tools that are there, but the expectations are high. It has been a good experience and my brain is starting to think in new ideas with this new skills that I'm learning.

It has been very good to play the drums and see how it auto-quantize while I was playing. The bass was the most difficult part, I'm starting to be very picky with the groove and I see my technical limitations which are so many, but I learned a lot and at the end I didn't do it that bad. The guitar sound is the worst thing and the phrases very lifeless. It's ok, everyone has a bad day playing guitar.

Enjoy it!

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