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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

24th of July - Whatever 2 (204th Song)

I got a new order at the studio. They played me a song that my boss had produced but he never distributed it and re-make it. Something more modern, something new, something a bit electro. I was working on this today and I got a little draft that I would like to share with you. It's not very new, it's modern, it's not great yet, but it's just an idea to work with. 

Thoughts: I spend the most of the day doing this, firstly I had to figure out a good tempo for it, because we wanted something more dancy and the original was almost a ballad. Then I started to imagine how could be more interesting, I thought something kind of R n' B, I was thinking in Destiny's Child, and the rhythm at the beginning it's the proof. It's inspired in Bills, Bills, Bills but obviously mine is not that cool. It's sounds so dry and empty, but it's a good beginning, I think I can have something interesting from it. Now listening to Destiny's Child song I see that the instrumentation is not so difficult to get, the difficult part is to make it fuller and the mix could be really difficult for a rookie like me. 

I think I'm gonna change a lot of parts of the song, the chorus sounds really good but doesn't suit in the song, this is because it is more similar to the original and I didn't have an idea of making it more original yet. I really like the keyboard, synths of the chorus and I really really love how the reverb that I put on drums make it to match so well. I'm starting to understand reverbs a little bit, and I think I'm gonna be very good with them, It's an issue that I love and I'm very interested of. 

If this song becomes a hit I have the proof here that I worked on it today. Clever guy.

Enjoy it!

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