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Thursday, 25 July 2013

25th of July - Neighbor's 80's Party (206th Song)

Sometimes you want to be quiet and relaxed but your neighbors insist in bother you, it may be steps on the floor, sex or a big party. I wanted to express this in this song as if it was a movie where there's takes alternating between a dark bedroom with someone trying to sleep and a party full of alcohol and crazy people dancing.

Thoughts: Since I'm still very slow with Ableton I wanted to try something more creative than just a song. I've been thinking lately in how would be to mix in a movie, and here I was just trying to figure out this scenario. It's interesting to think about mixing in this real scenarios where you have to make it sound like the place that you want it to sound like like, for example, a cave (I'll try that later on). The weird thing is that I was thinking in using equalization but when I got in the reverb section I realized that it was more real. Inserting reverb in Ableton Live is very weird.  I don't really like this reverb or at least for the normal use that I use to do with it. Next time I have to try how is it sending the reverb instead.

Can you imagine the scene as I'm doing?

Enjoy it!

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