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Friday, 26 July 2013

26th of July - Zum Geburtstag (207th Song)

Today is Rebecca's birthday! She is german and she is like FORTUNA Quest's cane, when I have a problem she is always there to help me, probably without her support and help this would have died already. I want to thank her for all what she did for me and FORTUNA Quest with an experimental happy birthday in german sung by me with vocoder. 

Thoughts: It's very nice to have a good date to make a song for someone that deserves it, I always like this days to come because I know better what to do. I never used vocoder in Logic before, and I didn't remember very well how to do it, so I was working on that, and try different things. The chords are played with vocoder too but playing a flute instead of singing. It's very funny, and very annoying as well. I didn't know how to make it sound better. At the beginning the song was played without the piano and it was too annoying, the piano makes it sound less shrill and more mellow (if we can call mellow to something in this song). At the end I improvissed an ending with flute that I had to copy with the MIDI to make it sound as it was recorded, sonically doesn't fit at all. Horrible sounds, but the idea is good, and I took note of the good things. 

The funniest thing was to sing in german, I have no idea and I was checking on internet and they have more happy birthday songs with other lyrics, I just realized when I had recorded all the flutes so it was to late to choose any other cool german song. I listened to one song to try to catch the accent and then I added a Rebecca with the R growled. I don't know if it's said like that but it is funnier to do so anyway. Happy birthday Rebecca.

Enjoy it!

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