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Saturday, 27 July 2013

27th of July - FORTUNA Quest Radio (208th Song)

After the failure attempting to get a radio style opening for FORTUNA Quest I made an improved version, I'm aiming to have a distinctive song to use for a potential podcast in the future. It had to sound more like a real radio station. 

Thoughts: I've been listening to some radio station openings and most of them sounded like a vocal quartet making good harmonies and ending in a dominant chord, I guess that's like to create the tension needed to want you to listen what's going on next. Very high pitch voices always, I couldn't reach that high with a quality voice, I'll need a girl or a castrati in future.

I tried some compressions as I want to undestand them more, they say that they can glue together different track, that they change the EQ, that they can bring anything right 'in your face' and they reduce the dynamics. This last point is quite obvious, and the EQ thing kind of understand it, the rest is just a mystery for me yet. I created a reverb for this song that I like, like being in a plate made by marble or something like that. It fits with the feeling of the other openings that I heard, very big and empty. I also struggled a bit wit EQ and the mixing, I don't really know what to do the most of the times. Mixing is a crazy art that takes years to start to understand it. Let's keep doing it and see what happens.

Enjoy it!

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