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Sunday, 28 July 2013

28th of July - Mi (209th Song)

Checking an online composition course they suggested an exercise consisting in make a one-note melody song. I think it was worth a try. This way you are supposed to understand better the function of that not in the music. I chose Mi (E). 

Thoughts: This was an interesting exercise, I came with random bass and changing all the time, I was hearing how the note made sense and had it's own voice playing over any root note, and when I stopped playing it I could feel the silence clearly. I think doing this made me to understand a little bit more about silent, the role of the rhythm and the art of not moving until is necessary, and not always is necessary. I'll try this more, it's like a magnifying glass to aspects of the melody that are important and sometimes you skip trying to change all the time.

Enjoy it!

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