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Monday, 29 July 2013

29th of July - Vote For Myernark (210th Song)

My band Myernark was competing to get a good gig in January against 3 other bands, we had to convince people to vote us and we made creative promotion, unfortunately we won but to late, the deadline ended one hour before we reach the top. I asked everyone to send me an audio file saying 'Vote for Myernark' and I received loads of them, thanx everyone for that. 

Thoughts:  For this song I wanted to do something funny, like a campaign against the war or something similar. It should be extremely cheesy and I chose the most common and cheesy Harmony ever (I, V, VII, IV), seriously, it's extremely cheesy, plus I put my nephews' words the first to make it even cheesier. Then you can listen to all those 'Votes for Myernark', some of them very creative and underneath I'm singing about how easy and cool is to vote Myernark. It was a complete success. The most difficult was stack all those files and trim them to remove all the noises around as they recorded anywhere with the mobile, not in an isolated room as you can imagine. I added some reverb to blend it better with the song. For my voice I tried compressors (I still don't understand them at all, and I've been using them and trying a lot things, I need to see the light), and reverbs. I couldn't make it sound better, I still have to learn so much.

Enjoy it!

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