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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

30th of July - Woman In Scratch (211th Song)

My friend Juanes is on vacation an I offered myself to take care of his Fender Telecaster and his vinyl player. I had the temptation of make some scratches with the last one that I've never done in my life. It's a little bit risky because I only have one vinyl and I don't want to make scratches on it or fuck up my friends player, but I can't avoid it, I'm a sinner. 

Thoughts:  I was really scared of messing it up. I just made one take and I would improvise on it as I don't want to practice to later on break something in the good take or whatever. The player has two RCA outputs and my cable is RCA to stereo mini-jack and I plugged it in my mono input, I don't have another cable to plug it in to separated mono inputs, I need to buy one, I don't know if it's a real problem to plug this stereo cable, at least it worked. Then I tried some stuff like speeding up manually, hit the player with my finger make a vibrato effect, scratch in different ways, put the volume up and down, etc. The needle jumped a couple of times, if something happens to the player to it I'll pay it, I promise. And that's all, this hissy vinyl effect sounded to much in my opinion but it's good. I used Tears for Fears' The Seeds of Love album, and I played the first song 'Woman in Chains'. Gorgeous, but I destroyed it.

Enjoy it!

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