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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

31st of July - Before (212nd Song)

I've seen on, a good add for a job, it says that they need to make tributes to popular songs as accurate as possible. Of course I applied, then they asked back saying that they are looking more for a similar sound than the notes and that I could earn from 70 to 170 pounds for each. I wanted to make this song in two parts: the before (a draft of the song) and the after (where I'm supposedly to have found the right sounds for it) 

Thoughts: I'm very good transcribing songs and my ears is good enough the most of the times to know which notes are playing all the instruments, but copying the sound it different, I've never tried this hard. Thanx god we have MIDI technology in our lives, you can just record the notes and hear them with all the instruments that you want, being able to change every parameter as you want. I've found very cool to pay so much attention to every single instrument. I've learned a lot just doing that with a song with such a great production. It wasn't a requirement to record the voices on the back of the track, so I didn't do them. It was enough difficult just getting this tracks. Now I'm working on sound, when I finish I'll post it. 

Enjoy it!

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