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Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Best of July 2013

Here it is! One more month recording one song per day as promised. And we got a clearly winner: You Are My Hero, probably my best mix and, damn, I really love this song.

Thoughts: Lots of things have happened this month, I got a job in a studio (even when I wasn't being paid) although I quit it because I was overwhelmed trying to work on some demos for karaoke companies that I applied to work in. I also had some backlogs and I really got blocked bearing in mind that I don't have still a paid job and I need to think in my future. But good things are happening, I'm starting to find that there are some jobs that I'm able to do even not being very cool on them such as sound technician on gigs (I got a gig), composer for multiple things like videogames, karaoke, the architecture videos, shortfilms, etc. It's a full world of possibilities opening in front of me, I just need to relax, unblock myself, go for it and make it as good as possible and, above all, never give up. Do you have a job for me? Call me right now!!!

Enjoy it!

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