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Thursday, 1 August 2013

1st of August - When I Was A Youngster (213rd Song)

Casually today I've seen another add of making music for Karaoke, so they told me to copy 1 minute of this song. It looks like the destiny is telling me something. I'm not gonna do the before and the after, but I'm working so hard on both that I don't have to record anything else, so I post this one as I got it at the end of today's session.

Thoughts: This one is cool, so many instruments playing together. The horn section was very difficult to figure out. I just was lucky and I found a page where you could select any instrument of this song separately on the chorus, just what I need it! I spent a lot of time just gathering the information and recording all the track. The drums are in a lot of different tracks, one per part, so I think I ended with 25 tracks or so. Now is time to find the right sounds, I did a good approach. The panning and the levels are similar, but the rest is just a guide. I think is gonna be very difficult to get that reggae feeling. I'll research in different pages how to get them, I love how dry sounds and very reverberated ones coexist together. Other problem is gonna be the horns, the Logic ones are not so cool. 

Enjoy it!

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