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Friday, 2 August 2013

2nd of August - After (214th Song)

Do you remember about my song two day ago? It was called before, so here is how it sounds now that I've spent so many hours trying to carbon copy it. I've sent it to the guy and still says that I need to work it more, so will I. 

Thoughts: Wow, such a great learning. It's very hard this stuff. The first thing that I did was to ask in Gearslutz's forum if they can give me some advices. The first guy who answered said: "You are not gonna get the gig". Maaaaan, I don't care, I'm gonna try it hard, this job would be great for me so I'll spent days, weeks, months or years until I'm able to do it, so better you say something more helpful than just troll me. Anyway, they gave me very interesting advises and they told me that my libraries and effects should be enough to make it. 

I started with the wurlitzer sound, it's very interesting, it sounds a little bit like trombone or something, I got into the sound creator in FM8 and started to try everything, this is the best that I could do it, I miss the glide that I wasn't able to do it, I still have to improve my sound designing skills... and I also realized when I hear it through my laptop speakers that sounds to much like a videogame, very simple wave. What I most enjoyed was with the whistle sound. Someone told me that the airy thing could be recreated with white noise, so by first time in my life I used the noise module, in FM8 again, and I could get a cool whistle. I also was discovering how to do different things, like enveloping the pitch to make the starting of the whistle more like the one in the original.

The drums are crap, I have to recognize it. That's what the guy complaint about more, I can't access to my Kontakt and Battery libraries and I just was messing around with the Logic's ones. They are not very cool but still I think I chose a bass drum and snare drum too soon and stuck on them. He told me to notice which frequency was hitting the bass drum his guts. I have to check that, I don't know if I understand it. And a guy in Gearslutz just made me see that the snare is blended with what it seems a side stick hit. That's cool, I'm gonna try that too. I just hope to get that job, seriously, I'm enjoying too much doing this, it's a job designed to me.

Enjoy it!

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