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Saturday, 3 August 2013

3rd of August - Lazy Bastard (215th Song)

I feel so so lazy, I just want to do nothing, but a good way of killing time is to clear up my iphone, I have so many apps that it's extremely messy. I decided to try some applications and check which ones I need and which not. The first in be erased was XiPhone, a stupid app that is supposed to sound like a xylophone, but instead it sounded like a bad piano, and the worst thing was that the notes where wrong. I think I've never seen worse app than this. I tried next VocaLive. it's supposed to work with the iPhone's built-in microphne but I didn't got it and I couldn't try it properly, I'll keep it for a while, I really want to try it. And finally I tried StudioApp, a 5 tracks app to record through the built-in mic, the first one is a proper song (you can choose between two or you can buy 5 more). I recorded the rest a capella.

Thoughts: I'm gonna make a list of the pros and cons of the things that I'm using so I can track them better. 
Pros: -It's easy to use
          -I have 4 tracks and a fifth one with cool songs
          -I can bounce the song to my computer via wifi
          -I can save my song
          -There's a note pad to write lyrics and sing while you are seeing them

Cons: -No metronome
           -I can't share my song or send it to myself
           -No panning and of course no effects
           -Only two songs to choose between and only 5 more if I want to purchase some more.
I liked it to be honest. More than some others that I have that I'll delete probably unless has an specific feature that I need for certain situations. 

Enjoy it!

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