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Sunday, 4 August 2013

4rd of August - Puy (216th Song)

This is a new improvisation made by me playing keyboards, I spent the much more time investigating FM8 and creating this sound. 

Thoughts: As you can see my keyboard skills have improved. Not very very much but significantly. I just sticked in the believe that there's no wrong note if you play the correct thing after, every note, every chord, every rhythm carries you some information that can brings you anywhere else. Maybe I'm not expressing myself very well, but the point is that even if you failed playing something you always can save it with your next notes. So I was playing in A manor so I only had to play white keys but I jumped to black key time to time to and try to carry the music to another levels. I feel more skilled than before, more confident and relaxed.

It's cool FM8, it's my favourite synthesizer so far, I'm starting to understand a lot of things that I was struggling with, like how to use whatever either in the amp, the oscilator or the filter; how to play with the noise, how to assign different parameters in the modulator, the aftertouch or the pitch shifting, how to add effects within the program, etc. Very good learning today. The song is not amazing but it's part of the process. It was importan for me try again the noise to make a airy sound somehow. And mix it with simple waves. I still don't get the point when sounds are less video gamy

Enjoy it!

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