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Monday, 5 August 2013

5th of August - Arpe In Trance (217th Song)

I have some problems with my computer, I can't load my libraries of Battery and Kontakt from my HDD, the only library that I can use in Kontakt is Retro Machines because it's installed in my Mac. I wanted to do something cool with the arpeggiator in a Jean Michelle Jarre Style, with improvising and using the pitch shifter and the modulation of my MIDI controller keyboard. 

Thoughts: Again I felt good enough to improvise with the keyboard, trying different scales, arpeggios and trying to flow. In this set the number of notes that you press are the number of notes of your arpeggio, so even when the whole song is played  in 8th notes the rhythm is gonna start again when  the sequence of notes is finish, passing the beats or taking of notes creating rhythmic illusions. I don't really know what else to say, basically that's all. Ah yeah, the pitch bending is cool, I like it a lot, I didn't use a lot in this song but when I was practicing I get some cool stuff emulating other songs. 

I'd love to fix my problem with the libraries and be able to use everything, now I'm in a experimentation mode, discovering the possibilities of MIDI, assigning keys to do whatever you like, blending sounds, changing envelopes, etc that I'd love to try with Kontakt and Battery. If anyone knows about computers please help me!

Enjoy it!

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