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Monday, 1 July 2013

26th of June - 1st Attempt (177th Song)

Now it's time to work on the song for my friend Efraín, I wanted something spacial, airy and a little bit spiritual. I forgot to remove the click track, my fault.

Thoughts: Searching sounds with Absynth and FM8 I got some ideas that I wanted to develop and I like them, the on/off synth and the chords are cool, then I had some ideas and rapidly I took the first sound understandable to make it. As you can see the sound it's not a strength in this song. Then I search for some drum sounds, I sat on the kit and dynamically there were very interesting sounds, I played with them and I played as I felt it, randomness was needed, I felt the energy in that way. It's very imprecise but I still feel the vibes. No mixing at all and the sound sucks but it was just a draft to send to Efraín. He didn't like it. :(

Enjoy it!

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