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Monday, 1 July 2013

25th of June - Rayada (176th Song)

I was trying a lot of stuff for the song that I had to make to my friend, another architecture project, this time it was for the Seoul City Hall nothing more and nothing less. I was getting really crazy, nothing seemed to work, it was supposed to be an optimistic song, happy, powerful, but nothing seemed to work. That's why it's called Rayada because I was "rayado" that in spanish means grated, annoyed, confused...

Thoughts: I liked the first bass line when I started to be "rayado" and I completely changed my point of view, I would play now something like Postman Pat or similar, very childish stuff. I thought about the melody, and then I changed the harmony to fit on it. It was complicated again, I don't know what problem I have with the basses by I always struggle doing them, I ended with an harmony close to what I was thinking firstly.

Enjoy it!

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