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Monday, 1 July 2013

23rd of June - Untitled Metal Skills (174rd Song)

As maybe you already know I'm training for the WFD (Word Fastest Drummer) here in London, it's a store competition so it's not gonna be official at all, that gives me some chances to win as the fastest drummers in the world probably are not going to participate. I wanted to record something with my double pedal and some fast fills, but why not play it with an electronic kit? That way it's more likely that I'm gonna find more mistakes as the compress sounds makes the mistakes more obvious.

Thoughts: It's always good to hear myself having all those mistakes that I don't realize when I'm performing, and as the electronic kits are used for electronic music that is always quantize it painful for the ear to ear any imprecision. Training speed makes me feel like my brain goes faster too and I transform my ideas in music more easily, I think that's because I have more stamina and I don't feel tired and my brain is free to act not thinking on anything else. I am still not able to play good blast beats, but that's the training for, ain't it?

Enjoy it!

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