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Monday, 1 July 2013

28th of June - 3rd Attempt (179th Song)

Another attempt, this time I asked Efraín what did he think about a song called River & Homes by J. Viewz for the video, he liked it so I tried to capture the energy in this one. 

Thoughts: Starting with a bass that frenetic is a good point to create optimism, it's very driving and makes you move. I wanted to recreate the sound of a guitar but with another sound, I didn't feel like recording a guitar at that point. Again basic sounds are used just to focus more on the composition. I feel like the melody is a little to childish, like from cartoons about a friendly alien or something like that, but it was worth it to try it. I learned some good stuff about energy these days. But, again, Efraín didn't like it. 

Enjoy it!

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