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Saturday, 6 July 2013

5th of July - Neo Orleans (186th Song)

Yesterday I went to Love Supreme Festival 1st edition, a summer Jazz festival in Glynde. At night some people playing this kind of music jumped on the stage and cheered up the people. A new style that I haven't heard before, I made up a name for it: Neo Orleans.

Thoughts: Dudes, Love Supreme is something that I'll never thank enough to have been in with my band mate Rion. So many cool bands playing not only jazz but very cool music at the top level. I enjoyed the next bands:
-Kairos 4tet: The leader Adam was our host, he is band mate's cousin and he got free tickets for both days, unfortunately we only could stay for Saturday there and we would miss Melody Gardot and Esperanza Spalding, and so many others that I'd love to see. At the entrance we had to say that we were Bobby Pancho and Alex Flange, and we wear ponchos to go unnoticed, and then they give wristbands for both days.
-Three Trapped Tiger: Just crazy!!! I had seen them before but they were in good fit as they haven't been ever. I could stop laughing during the hole show, everything was surprising, funny and just perfect. Best trio ever! They have a strong identity and separately they just sound as themselves. I'd never seen a guitar player playing the way this one did, using so well the effects and creatively the effects that he used. 
- Charles Bradley and his Extraordinaries: Do you want to see the best front man in the world? This is Charles Bradley, an old James Brown looking guy full of energy, sexy movements and a soul that I ever could imagine. He make everyone to dance, to smile, to laugh, to feel the rhythm, to feel sexy and to be in love with him extraordinarily. He prayed and spread he's love all over the audience. After the show he just went off the stage to hug one by one hundreds of fans and share all the love within his body. We of course went to hug him and took this picture, he said to us: I feel your love.

Chick: Nile Rodgers!!! He was just there 20 minutes before the show on stage making everything sounded perfect before they started, super picky!!! He knew exactly how everything should sound. Then they started and the groove just explode on our faces. Dancing, dancing, dancing during the entire show. Great band. Nile is a great  leader and impressed us playing all those hits that they composed and we didn't realized that they made them. The band played so tight that was scary and the bass player... OMG that guy showed me the real role of a bass in the music, he moved us in the way he wanted all the time and he seemed to do it effortlessly.  The musician of the night.

Snarky Puppy: We didn't see much but all that we saw was extremely energetic and classy. Was cool to see his bass player leading the whole band so well and having so much fun at the same time. I recognize that I felt envy.

Marcus Miller: Well everyone knows him, doing what he knows, grooving at the higher level. This time his drummer was a teenager! He wasn't that technically as all the drummers that we saw before, but he had a perfect groove that fitted perfectly in Marcus style. We spent all the show wandering if he was a girl or a boy, and we weren't able to reach a conclusion.

We have to miss Portico Quartet because they played a the same time as Chick and it was impossible not to stay at Chick dancing endlessly. After that all this 'Neo Orleans' bands played like the dj's play techno music in any other festival. It was weird, people wearing old fashioned clothes and pretending that was like a cabaret but at the same time all of them were using a Mac on stage. This music was like new orleans music but with electronic drums loops, some modern basses and few synths time to time.

In general it was a wonderful festival, full of children, old and young people, not too full and a healthy attitude from everyone. If there's a second edition I'll be there for sure.

I wanted to capture that making this song. Everytime my music stops I play a phrase and it's weird that when I made them I just stopped in those gaps without listening how the music came and I thought they sounded great, as you can hear they are not that cool, the first one it's good until the end that it's sharpened. The second one is all right, and the third is just nothing to do with the song. I liked how with the modulation wheel I could glide from notes to notes and add vibrato.

Enjoy it!

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